Dingbat Portfolio Exhibition

The Ink Shop and Olive Branch Press | October 26–December 9, 2005

The Dingbat Portfolio is a group of 16 fine art prints created in an edition of 20. Dingbats were traditionally used to decorate text when setting type in a letterpress. Inspired by line blocks and dingbats from the collection of Peter Kahn, late Emeritus Professor of Printmaking and Art History at Cornell University, artist associates of The Ink Shop and Olive Branch Press of Ithaca, New York, chose from the collection to create the works in this show. After exchanging prints with each other, the artists gave four editions to the non-profit Printmaking Center to sell.

Price List

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  1. Gloria Escobar, Insecto - Relief, Monoprint
  2. Craig Mains, Kaboom - Letterpress, Linocut
  3. J.M. Barringer, Future’s Past - Intaglio, Relief, Hand Coloring
  4. Miri Amihai, From Love and Use - Digital Giclee
  5. K. Kucharski, Lake Study - Relief, Monotype
  6. Christa Wolf, Grusse - Intaglio, White Ground, Chine Collé
  7. Pamela Drix, Spring Equinox - Collograph
  8. P. Hunsinger, Untitled - Lithograph, Silkscreen, Monotype
  9. C. Schwartzott, Fly - Relief, Gouache, $340
  10. Gina Campbell, The Enemy - Relief, Gum Transfer, Chine Collé
  11. Jeff de Castro, War Bird - Digital Giclee
  12. Greg Page, Fly By - Lithograph, Relief
  13. Sylvia Taylor, Rorschach - Woodcut
  14. Christi Sobel, Lee and Windward - Silkscreen, Hand Coloring
  15. Minna Resnick, Eat Your Heart Out - Relief, Transfer, Monotype
  16. Kumi Korf, Bug Lord - Acquatint, Spit Bite, Chine Collé

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