As We See It

Paintings by Ed Bronstein and Kate Kern Mundie

Ed Bronstein and Kate Kern Mundie met several years ago when Ed was taking classes at The Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial where Kate teaches. Later they came to know each other better through mutual friends and when Ed enrolled in a landscape painting workshop Kate taught a few summers ago.

“Ed has become an accomplished painter, and as a teacher I enjoyed seeing how he approached his subjects. Recently Ed and I have been going out painting together as we share an interest in urban landscapes. Between us there is no longer the role of teacher and student but a new relationship of mutual mentorship. We are interested in the same types of subject matter and have a similar approach to painting. I have found it refreshing to work out of doors with another painter, to share a new fantastic color, talk about which views appeal to us and why, and borrow techniques from each other.” – Kate Kern Mundie

“From my point of view, since leaving my practice of architecture after 30 years I have immersed myself full time in the art world. One of the things I have reveled in here in Philadelphia is the strong sense of ‘being in this together’ and learning from one another. Artists are a wonderful group of people. Kate has been one of a number of teachers and artist friends I have ‘pumped’ for whatever I could learn, and become compatriots along the way. She and I both love the immediate challenge of being outside and capturing the moment, each as we see it. It’s very exciting.” – Ed Bronstein

This exhibition at Cozen-O’Connor was the first opportunity Ed and Kate had to show their works side by side. They presented views of Philadelphia and elsewhere, painted together and on their own, but with a shared sense of purpose.

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